Supplier information

Whether you’re already working with us or looking to launch a new partnership, this page includes everything you need to know about a supplier relationship with Curia.

Purchase Order terms and conditions by region (effective for all Purchase Orders dated August 17, 2020, or later)

Purchase Orders dated before August 17, 2020, are subject to the following terms:

Curia Vendor Guidelines
Review our vendor guidelines in:

*Please be informed that Curia reserves the right, from time to time, in Curia’s sole discretion, to amend its terms and conditions.   Notice of any such changes is displayed alongside the applicable heading.  Such changes shall be binding on all agreements dated on or after the date on which such changes become effective.  It is your responsibility to review and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions governing your agreement, and it is recommended that you print and retain a copy of such terms and conditions for your records.

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