Integrated biologics services

End-to-end solutions for therapeutic and diagnostic biomolecules

Curia offers integrated expertise in the production and evaluation of antibodies, DNA, viral vectors, mRNA, cell lines, proteins, and conjugates.

Center of Excellence for biologics

Antibody Discovery & Engineering

Delivery of your next panel of therapeutic leads

Curia offers comprehensive antibody discovery and engineering services, including identification, optimization, and characterization of new leads. Whether you need an IgG, scFv, Fab, VHH, or multiple formats, our technical teams partner with you to help deliver the right molecules with the function, selectivity, and cross-reactivity you need. Workflows for hybridoma, phage display, and yeast display technology platforms have been optimized for high-quality antibody discovery and are available for immunizations, panning and screening, cloning and sequencing. The antibody engineering services include humanization, affinity maturation and therapeutic developability analysis. Downstream antibody transient and stable production, process development, and GMP manufacturing services are offered.


Highly efficient, fully integrated development programs

Our CHO-GSN™ platform is a CHO stable cell line development service using its proprietary cell line, custom stable expression vectors, and glutamine synthetase (GS) selection technology platform for the generation of a research cell bank (RCB) and future use as a manufacturing cell line for commercial products. Curia provides upstream process development (USP) services to optimize cell productivity in single-use bioreactors (SUB) and downstream process development (DSP) services for all protein-based technologies to engineer purification processes for manufacturing. Our technical team has developed purification schemes for hundreds of unique proteins for pre-clinical toxicology material.


Comprehensive cGMP manufacturing services

Our integrated biologics services include GMP manufacturing. Curia’s Hopkinton, Mass., facility is ISO 13485:2016 certified and provides biomanufacturing services for GMP and BPG production of plasmid DNA, mRNA, protein therapeutics and vaccines, and therapeutic antibodies. Hopkinton offers an established quality system to support production of early phase bulk drug and diagnostic products. Our systems are compliant to applicable portions of 21CFR Parts 210, 211, 600, 610, and 820. We also offer a full service cGxP Analytical and QC workflow meeting USP, Ph. EU., and FDA guidelines with a full menu of analytical, bioassay, and microbiology services.

Assays & Bioanalytics

Broad selection and flexibility in capacity, assay design, execution

Curia provides a wide range of molecular, biochemical and cell-based bioassay workflows to support discovery, research & development as well as cGxP therapeutic testing campaigns across all service types. Our integrated service platforms provide full access to Curia expertise across all of our sites and smooth transitions from R&D to cGxP workstreams.

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