Antibody Discovery & Engineering

The Antibody Center at Curia provides end-to-end services in antibody discovery, engineering, and development.

Our process starts with listening to your project needs and then strategically devising a customized scope of work to deliver your next panel of molecules. Whether you need an IgG, scFv, Fab, VHH, or multiple formats, our experienced technical teams and leadership partner with you to help fulfill your needs with the right molecules that demonstrate the desired function, selectivity, and cross-reactivity. Optimal, high-quality and accelerated antibody discovery workflows are available in the following technology platforms: hybridoma, single B cell with the Beacon system, phage display, and yeast display. Our integrated services include immunizations, panning and screening, cloning, NGS and Sanger sequencing, sequence diversity and therapeutic developability analysis, humanization, and affinity maturation.

Hybridoma Technologies for Antibody Discovery

With a success rate of 98%, Curia’s hybridoma platform has a proven track record successfully identifying novel therapeutic or diagnostic monoclonal antibodies. The hybridoma team is ready to partner with you on your antibody quest


Antibody Discovery & Engineering Services

The Curia Antibody Center offers comprehensive antibody discovery and engineering services, including identification, optimization, and characterization of new leads.


Rapid discovery and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 Delta spike protein

By combining detailed DNA sequence analysis and binding assays, we identified 96 candidates for further analysis and development. Many of these hits exhibited neutralizing activity and also cross-reacted with one or more of the wild-type virus, Omicron 1.1.529, BA.2 and BA.5 variants.



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