Kilo Lab and Small-Scale Manufacturing

Curia's complete suite of development capabilities covers the spectrum from chemical process, preformulation, formulation and analytical development to regulatory support and clinical trial materials manufacturing.

We customize the supply chain for production chemistry to meet your specific project deliverables with optimal speed and cost while meeting the highest standards of process safety and regulatory compliance.

Strengths of our small-scale manufacturing platform include clinical API manufacturing and clinical drug product manufacturing up to 10kg, including oral drug products and sterile fill and finish. We also offer formulation services and manufacturing capabilities for clinical trial materials in the areas of excipient blending, wet and dry granulation and tableting. Aseptic fill and finish services in process scale-up include significant experience with complex products such as liposomes, proteins and suspensions.

Leverage our expert solutions to achieve faster cycle times and increase process scale efficiencies and yields. We provide integrated capabilities in discovery, development and manufacturing for seamless project transition.

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