Prefilled Syringes & Biologics: The Perfect Partnership of Medicine & Delivery

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It is no coincidence that the booms in prefilled syringes (PFS) and biologic medicines are happening at the same time – the two are intrinsically linked. Innovative biologic medicines demand innovative delivery systems to match, and as the utility of “living” medicines explodes, so has the challenges associated with their packaging and administration. When seeking to overcome those challenges and bring these complex products to a competitive marketplace as soon as possible, collaboration is king. Successful, timely development rests on the ability of drug innovators and PFS contract development manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) to pool their expertise and work side by side for the good of the patients they seek to serve. The modern CDMO has a key part to play, offering multidisciplinary experts and integrated services, creating the agile environments needed for efficient delivery of those partners’ project objectives. The following charts the twin rise of biologics and PFS and outlines some of the common challenges associated with filling and dispensing. It also discusses how a patient-centric partnership approach, based on a culture of collaboration and communication, can help biopharmaceutical companies shorten the development pathway and ensure a reliable supply of safe, effective medicines for the people who need them.

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