Comprehensive mRNA Solutions

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Discovery: Accelerate Innovation

Curia’s combined expertise and a proven track record of success in key scientific disciplines including molecular biology, protein production and analysis, enzymes, nucleosides and lipids is the foundation of our mRNA solution. Partner with us and harness our ability to provide high-quality constructs through in-house research and analysis capabilities that enable accelerated timelines for delivery.

Development: Amplify Ingenuity 

Curia’s end-to-end capabilities extend from production of plasmid DNA and manufacturing of enzymes and nucleosides at gram-to-kilogram scale, to drug substance development through first-in-human clinical supply manufacturing. Our sites in California and Massachusetts provide capacity for reliable plasmid production for “traditional” and self-amplifying mRNA drug substance. First-in-human clinical-scale cGMP manufacturing is supplemented by in-house analytical capabilities for product testing and release.

Curia has a proven track record in the rapid development of numerous specialized lipids for mRNA applications and the ability to manufacture lipids to metric-ton scale in accordance with cGMP. Curia’s scientists have expertise in coupling synthesis with highly effective separations and purifications of APIs and functional excipients.

Curia’s mRNA solution includes complex formulation capabilities and experience in liposome and lipid nanoparticles led by its expert scientists.

Manufacturing: Meet patient demand

Maximize the impact of your product with our clinical and commercial aseptic sterile fill-finish capability and capacity. We provide process development and first-in-human clinical manufacturing through to full commercial manufacturing of mRNA injectable dosage products in accordance with cGMP.

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