The cell engineering team performs stable cell line development and clone isolation for the production of recombinant proteins utilizing viral transduction and transfection methodologies. The team has experience with a large variety of cell types, including CAR-T, and a host of other cell lines derived from various tissues. Transgene expression is analyzed by various methods, such as flow cytometry, western blot, and ELISA.

Key features of Cell Engineering Services

  • Variety of cell types
    • HEK293, CHO, A549, hematopoietic (T cells, including CAR-T)
    • Hundreds of engineered cell lines created
  • Target types
    • Enzymes, antibodies, membrane/structural proteins, reporter proteins, etc.
  • Antibiotic titration (kill curve) analysis
  • Gene delivery
    • Viral vector-mediated transduction
    • Cationic lipid transfection
  • Single-cell cloning
  • Research cell banks

Curia’s CAR T-Cell Engineering Services

Lentivius Production T Cell Transduction T Cell Characterization T Cell Delivery
Lentivirus engineered and produced at Curia Client T cells are transduced with lentivirus encoding CAR Cells are characterized for T cell markers and CAR Cells are expanded, cryopreserved and delivered.

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Case study: Purity and Identity Characterization of AAV Capsid Particles by LC-MS Methods in collaboration with Agilent