The cell engineering team performs stable cell line development and clone isolation for the production of recombinant proteins utilizing viral transduction and transfection methodologies. The team has experience with a large variety of cell types, including CAR-T, and a host of other cell lines derived from various tissues. Transgene expression is analyzed by various methods, such as flow cytometry, western blot, and ELISA.

Key features of Cell Engineering Services

  • Variety of cell types
    • HEK293, CHO, A549, hematopoietic (T cells, including CAR-T)
    • Hundreds of engineered cell lines created
  • Target types
    • Enzymes, antibodies, membrane/structural proteins, reporter proteins, etc.
  • Antibiotic titration (kill curve) analysis
  • Gene delivery
    • Viral vector-mediated transduction
    • Cationic lipid transfection
  • Single-cell cloning
  • Research cell banks

Curia’s CAR T-Cell Engineering Services

Lentivius Production T Cell Transduction T Cell Characterization T Cell Delivery
Lentivirus engineered and produced at Curia Client T cells are transduced with lentivirus encoding CAR Cells are characterized for T cell markers and CAR Cells are expanded, cryopreserved and delivered.

Vector Services for Advanced Therapies

Explore our vector services that include process development, FTE programs, technical consultation and project management.


Case Study

Purity and identity characterization of AAV capsid particles by LC-MS methods.