Molecular Biology

Our Biologics services provide comprehensive Molecular Biology services at facilities in California and Massachusetts, offering a variety of services.

Our services include:

  • Gene synthesis (including codon optimization)
  • PCR cloning
  • Mutagenesis
  • Custom cloning
  • Plasmid design, and construction
  • Plasmid DNA scale-up (µg to g quantities), and
  • DNA sequencing and analysis

Throughout the years we have optimized and automated molecular biology workflows to improve efficiency and turnaround time. This has led to the development of a bioinformatic suite of software codes that run everything from construct design to automatic QC by Sanger sequencing. In addition, our DNA services are often used by clients as their only source for all plasmid construction and storage needs.

Biomek FX is used in sample handling

ABI 3730 Genetic Analyzer from Thermo Fisher