Mammalian High-Throughput Production

The demand for high-throughput antibodies has exponentially increased over the last couple of years and has rapidly accelerated the antibody screening process. Curia offers high-throughput (HTP) 96-well antibody production service which is a rapid and cost-effective process to produce large quantities of antibodies for fast antigen-binding assay and productivity screening.

Workflow of High-Throughput 96-Block Antibody Production

Gene synthesis

Key Highlights

Large Quantities of Antibody Production

TunaCHO™ and Tuna293™ processes with 10 mL to 100 mL production scale

Rapid Production

• Quick turnaround time between 3 to 7 weeks based on starting material

• Complementary mass spec QC for standard mouse and human IgG antibody

Catalog # Name Timeline Price
1527 High-throughput production service 96-well (Tuna293™ process) 5-6 Weeks Request
1528 High-throughput production service 96-well (TunaCHO™ 14-day process) 6-7 Weeks Request
1964 High-throughput production service 96-well (TunaCHO™ 7-day process) 5-6 Weeks Request

Antibody Discovery & Engineering Services

The Curia Antibody Center offers comprehensive antibody discovery and engineering services, including identification, optimization, and characterization of new leads.