Building Efficiency into Biologics Formulations Development

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Complex macromolecules are becoming a mainstay of pharmaceutical strategy, and the ability to successfully develop these biologics into viable commercial drugs is accelerating at a significant rate. Often, aggressive timelines are imposed on development projects with the aim of getting to First-in-Human trials as soon as possible. However, formulation development can be met with many challenges as biologics are often sensitive molecules with a variety of competing degradation possibilities.

Various approaches have been employed to expedite formulation decisions, yet there are many pros and cons to these approaches. Ultimately, the unified goal is to create a well-characterized pharmaceutical product with demonstrated safety and efficacy, and formulation development plays a critical role in this pursuit. Sharing of knowledge and best practices allows the entire community to build a foundation to achieve these goals and to advance science from curiosity to cure.

Join the featured speaker to explore biologics formulation development tools, tricks, and methods and learn ways to utilize these in pragmatic and efficient ways.

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