N-terminal Edman sequencing of proteins or peptides determines the N-terminal amino acid residues of purified protein and antibody samples. It can be useful to determine cleavage sites, to identify an unknown protein, to confirm the identity of a known protein, or to design oligonucleotide probes. The advantages of N-terminal sequencing include high sensitivity, with measurements down to the picomolar level. Proteins can also be sequenced in solution or on PVDF blots.

Key benefits:

1. High sequence coverage – Identify up to 15 amino acids

2. Fast turnaround: as fast as 3 days

3. High sensitivity – as small as picomoles


Catalog # Name Timeline Price
60000 Bioanalytical Setup Fee (may be applied to any bioanalytical assay containing <10 samples) Request
64000 SDS-PAGE, transfer to PVDF membrane, and Ponseau S staining 1 Week Request
64005 N-terminal Sequencing (5 residue) 2 weeks Request
64010 N-terminal sequencing (10 residue) 2 weeks Request
64020 N-terminal sequencing (15 residue) 2 weeks Request