The “shelf life” of a stored antibody can range from weeks to years and is determined by the intrinsic nature of the antibody and storage conditions. Proper storage, which is usually unique to each antibody, should prevent aggregation/degradation and maintain the functionalities of the antibody. A wide variety of storage conditions can be tested, including temperature, light exposure, pH, and oxidation. Curia utilizes CE-SDS, SEC-HPLC, DSC, Post-translational modification analysis, and cIEF assays to examine the integrity and stability of antibodies under different conditions.

Catalog # Name Timeline Price
60000 Bioanalytical Setup Fee (may be applied to any bioanalytical assay containing <10 samples) Request
66110 Stability Analysis (Multiday Measurement) TBD Request
66115 Stability Analysis (Single Day Measurement) TBD Request