Catalog #21200 - PCR Cloning

PCR Cloning

PCR Cloning


  1. The gene of interest is amplified with primers containing appropriate restriction enzyme sites.
  2. The PCR product is digested with restriction enzymes and subcloned into the plasmid of interest containing compatible sites.
  3. Plasmids containing insert are confirmed by sequencing (for an additional cost, see below)

Please note that DNA sequencing of the cloned PCR product is not included as a standard part of this service but is provided by LakePharma at an additional cost (see DNA sequencing and analysis link below). Sequencing the cloned PCR product is necessary to confirm that no mutations were introduced during PCR amplification.


1. Recombinant plasmid from a miniprep. 2. Certificate of analysis.

Material Required:

1. DNA template (PCR product or gene within a plasmid). 2. 1-2 ug vector (Curia offers several vector options–please inquire). 3. Appropriate sequence information. 4. For gateway cloning, midiprep DNA or higher is needed for entry and destination vectors. If miniprep DNA is provided by client, Midiprep scale-up service (cat# 21602) will be included. Please complete and include a DNA Studio Order form with any vectors or plasmids you send to Curia.

8 Days