Radiometric assays provide a sensitive means to detect analytes and determine kinetics in both biochemical and cell-based assay formats. In certain cases, these assays represent the Gold-Standard for data and are the preferred methodology for investigation. Many large biologics companies, pharmaceutical companies, and CROs are choosing to move away from radiometric workflows and smaller biotechs/pharma do not want to take on the regulatory burden of management for a radioactive materials program.

Curia fills that gap in service coverage with the broad expertise of our technical team and dedicated Radioactive Materials EH&S support professionals. Please feel free to reach out to our assay team in Hopkinton, MA to discuss your customized radiometric assay design!

Radiometric readouts can be supported in scintillation vial format, autoradiography, as well as a high-throughput filter plate, FLASHplate and SPA-bead (scintillation proximity assay) formats, depending on desired analytes and data output requirements

  • 3-H, 32-P, 33-P, 35-S, 51-Cr, and 125-I workflows are supported by our existing RAM licensing. (Curia does not perform protein iodinations)
  • Radioligand Binding Assays in multiple formats, including cell culture and membrane prep workflows at a variety of scales.
  • Cell-Based, Metabolic uptake assays
  • Old-school cell viability assays
  • Other formats/radioisotopes available upon request
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