Leverage our state-of-the-art technologies to deliver the steroid and hormone development and cGMP manufacturing services you need.

We are backward-integrated to fermentation for certain steroidal and hormonal intermediates. Our scale and technology serve your needs from development to manufacturing, from small to commercial production from our dedicated facilities.

With a short, in-house supply chain backed by a proven track record of quality and compliance with the FDA, AIFA, PMDA and other regulatory agencies, we ensure reliable, low-risk supply.
Whatever your steroid or hormone manufacturing needs, we’re dedicated to your success.


We have a robust portfolio of steroids and hormones supported by dedicated contract manufacturing facilities fully integrated discovery and development solutions.


  • Hydrogenation
  • Phosphates
  • Lyophilization
  • Mill Unit
  • Micronization Unit


  • Containment Technology
  • Mill Unit
  • Micronization Unit

  • Enzymatic chemistry
  • Purified biocatalysts and strains
  • Diverse strains, especially eubacteria, fungi and yeasts
  • Biocatalysis classes
  • Phylogenetic and biotransformation capabilities of biocatalysts
  • High-throughput analytical systems
  • Technology transfer procedures and scale-up
  • Downstream separations and chemistry integration

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