Pichia pastoris offers many of the advantages of other eukaryotic systems, such as disulfide bond formation, proteolytic processing, protein folding, and glycosylation. It grows in relatively simple medium, lacks endotoxin, and genetic manipulations are straightforward. Pichia pastoris also has an efficient secretory pathway, so proteins can be produced in conditioned medium, simplifying downstream processing.

Catalog # Name Timeline Price
1030 Yeast Scale-up Expression Dependent on scale Request
25210 Vector construction, plasmid production, and strain creation 15-20 days Request
25220 50 ml small scale expression analysis with affinity pulldown 8-10 days Request
25230 1 liter expression, and one-step affinity purification 2-3 weeks Request
25240 1 liter expression, and tandem affinity purification 2-3 weeks Request
25250 1 liter expression, tandem affinity purification, and an SEC polishing step 2-3 weeks Request