Thermostability Analysis by DSF

Thermostability Analysis by DSF

1. The antibody/protein sample is injected into either the Nano DSC instrument (TA instrument) or UNcle (Unchained Labs).

2. The Tm (melting temperature where 50% protein is denatured) is calculated after deconvolution using the analytical software

Note: the above quoted prices are based on analysis using Curia’s standardized methods, proven to work for a majority of antibodies and proteins. Method development may be necessary for atypical proteins with unique properties for an additional fee

Report containing heat stability data for test articles as measured by Tm (thermal transition mid-point).

Material Required:
100µL of purified protein at ≥ 1mg/mL
(Optional) 10mL blank buffer formulation
Please complete and include a Bioanalytical Sample Submission Form with any proteins or antibodies you send to Curia for analysis

1 week