De Novo Antibody Sequencing II

de novo Antibody Sequencing II (Full package, guaranteed results)

1. The sample is analyzed by LC-MS and CE-SDS to confirm purity and monoclonality of antibody sample.

2. The sample is digested by a panel of 5 enzymes specifically chosen to increase the probability of covering the entire sequence of an antibody sample. The resulting peptide mixture is submitted to LC-MS/MS analysis.

3. The mass spectra is analyzed using Valens, a proprietary data analysis platform for de novo sequencing.

4. Sequences obtained are used to recombinantly produce the protein using Tuna293 cells. Purified material is sent to client for binding confirmation.

5. In the event full sequences are not obtained or the recombinant material does not have activity, troubleshooting steps will be performed in order to obtain working sequences.

6. If both Curia and the client are in agreement to close out the project after troubleshooting, the upfront payment is non-refundable.

Package I: Interim report with LC-MS and CE-SDS results. Final study report with sequences (if obtained). Package II: Interim report with LC-MS and CE-SDS results. 1 mg of purified recombinant antibody. Final study report with sequences upon receipt of milestone payment.

Material Required:
0.5 mg of monoclonal antibody at ≥1 mg/mL and ≥95% purity. Please complete and include a Bioanalytical Sample Submission Form with any proteins or antibodies you send to Curia for analysis.

3 months