Intellectual Property Services

We add the experience of our intellectual property group to the technical experience of a project team to maximize the downstream value of your project.

The following is a list of non-legal services that we offer with respect to IP:

IP Landscape –working with the technical team we can generate a one-time list of the relevant IP in the space and/or monitor the list for changes

IP Landscape Analysis – working with the technical team we can analyze the IP Landscape and assess patentability options, analyze the white space around the target technology to identify market opportunities, or lay the foundation for developing strong target technology IP

Prior art searches – we can perform prior art searches to assist in your freedom to operate analysis.  Alternatively, we can perform focused prior art searches to help invalidate competitor IP or other obstacles in the target technology white space

Design around strategies – working with the technical team we could develop design around strategies to avoid prior art discovered in the IP Landscape Analysis early on in development.  Additionally, on-going monitoring will enable early modifications to the project to avoid competitor IP

IP protection strategies – working with the project team during development we can help proactively develop strategies to protect the anticipated IP and we can further assist by suggesting claim and filing strategies to optimize enforceability

Litigation Support – coordinating with your legal counsel and our project team, we can perform prior art reproductions or perform analysis on competitor inventions for purposes of enforceability

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