Synthesis of Metabolites

  • Screening of wide variety of biocatalytic systems to identify the most efficient way to synthesize target metabolites. Biocatalysts include mammalian liver microsomes and S9 fractions, human recombinant CYP isoforms, and microorganisms from a proprietary Curia collection that mimic mammalian metabolism.
  • Streamlined testing of experimental conditions to achieve the highest synthetic yield of target metabolites, including concentrations of reaction components, pH, temperature, reaction time, and other relevant reaction parameters.
  • Optimization of volumetric productivity of metabolite synthesis to achieve the most cost-effective production of target metabolites.
  • Development of metabolite isolation and purification protocols, typically using solid phase extraction and preparative HPLC.

Deliverables: Microgram to gram amounts of target metabolites (>95% HPLC purity with UV- and ELSD-detection) with characterization by NMR spectroscopy and LC-MS/MS.

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