Preformulation and Material Science

With expertise in characterizing and modifying a drug substance’s physical, chemical and mechanical properties, our objective is to help you assess and choose the best solid form for progression into animal and human dosing trials. We also provide early formulation design and development data, solid-state analysis and crystallization process development and troubleshooting. Access stand-alone services or pursue an integrated solution with our expert discovery, development and manufacturing capabilities.

Curia has the experience and technology to solve your most complex solid form and production-related problems. Whether it is particulate or impurity identification, batch variation, poor recovery, physical property differences, failure to meet specifications or stability issues, our experts identify and customize the appropriate course of action to achieve effective, efficient solutions.

We have produced critical scientific data on drug substances at stages ranging from preclinical studies, clinical dosing and commercial.

Although derivatization and enzymatic resolution techniques are useful, these methodologies are often specific to a certain compound class and therefore less relevant in identifying an appropriate solution. Resolution of enantiomers through crystallization is often a preferred option, favored over costly preparative chromatography during process development and manufacturing.

Curia has the experience to solve your most complex resolution problems through crystallization, and we prioritize non-proprietary solutions to reduce costs and address intellectual property issues.

We also provide a complete suite of bioanalytical, biocatalysis and bioprocess services to address your drug discovery and development objectives.

  • Spray drying process development
  • Composition design and development
  • Amorphous stabilization

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