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Shorten the path from bench to bedside with a reliable discovery and development partner. At Curia, we pair a comprehensive suite of R&D services with deep experience in discovery, drug substance development and drug product formulation. No matter the speed or scale of your project, we can help guide your product toward a successful launch.

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Identify, refine and secure breakthrough compounds

Clear your path from concept to candidate. A partnership with Curia ensures your compound is in the capable hands of an experienced team that knows what it takes to successfully navigate the drug discovery and development continuum.

We deliver hit-to-lead-to-candidate selection through comprehensive discovery biology, synthetic and medicinal chemistry, DMPK and bioanalytical services from our integrated drug discovery centers of excellence. With more than 350 drug discovery programs delivered, 564 patents issued, and over 95 preclinical and clinical candidates developed, we understand how to reduce costs, shorten timelines and help guide you to better outcomes.

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Drug Substance Development

Advance the development of your compound

Expedite your journey to launch. Partner with expert scientists to gain strategic insight into manufacturability through our rapid, creative solutions. Our experienced team is highly skilled in route scouting and process optimization for manufacturing GMP and non-GMP APIs, offering the support your program needs from early development through commercialization.

Our capabilities include chemical process R&D via batch mode and continuous flow, manufacturing of non-GMP and GMP intermediates and clinical-stage APIs, biotransformation, enzymatic reactions, preformulation/formulation and material science. Together, we can guide you from IND to product launch.

Drug Product Formulation & Process Development

Maximize the potential of your formulation

Accelerate your drug product development with our leading technology and proven expertise. You can count on our skilled scientists, practical experience and rigorous quality standards to support you throughout the development process, working together to conquer even the most complex challenges.

Our formulation development group has significant experience in performing risk assessment and statistically designed experimentation. We can identify the quality attributes that impact the clinical performance and safety of formulations, analyze the manufacturability of dosage forms and assess stability in primary packaging, guiding the development of your injectable product every step of the way.

Development Development

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