Lighting the path to discovery
when speed counts

Curia proudly offers the Berkeley Lights Beacon® Optofluidic System for a rapid,
high-throughput, AI-driven approach to advance antibody-based drug discovery.

Gain abundant and more diverse leads faster

Work with individual cells significantly faster than using other technologies
Clones identified with >50% faster timelines
Track monoclonal antibody function and sequence from the initial screen
Automate and scale workflows far beyond manual, time-intensive analysis
Integrated pipeline for hit-to-lead identification, optimization, and assay development

Target to lead antibodies in just weeks

Curia’s single B cell cloning workflow enables high-resolution screening with unprecedented speed.

  • Directly assess tens of thousands of individual B cells
  • Generate diverse hit panels
  • Recover re-expressed lead molecules
  • Accelerate time to clinic

A complete workflow for antibody discovery and
drug development

Save time and money with an end-to-end workflow that quickly identifies relevant antibodies and provides a seamless path to developing humanized antibodies – in a six-month timeframe or less.

In addition to deploying the Beacon system to identify and select cells of interest, Curia accelerates “First-to-Human” workflows with everything you need to successfully bring a new drug to market, including:

Humanized antibody platform

The PentaMice® platform offers superior immunological diversity.

  • Five WT strains that cover nine distinct MHC haplotypes, two mice per strain in each set
  • Achieve maximum plasma titers and boost the opportunity to generate high-quality antibodies in vivo
  • Years of humanization expertise and 1,000+ humanized variants delivered
  • Own your own molecules: royalty-free and milestone-free

Fully human antibody-producing transgenic mice

We work with all major human antibody-producing transgenic mouse platforms and specialized genetically modified strains, as well as specialized knockout mice. Clients simply arrange to have the animals shipped to our AAALAC-accredited vivarium for antibody discovery projects.

CHO production platform: Start in CHO, stay in CHO

To quickly generate gram quantities of a unique antibody for further evaluation, Curia utilizes recombinant production (CHO) and delivers a straight path from development to GMP manufacturing.

  • Proprietary CHO platforms offer high performance.
  • TunaCHO transient platform has yields as high as 2 g/L.
  • CHO-GSN stable platform offers robust performance as high as 7 g/L.
  • All platforms are ready for commercialization
  • Royalty-free licensing is available.
Antibody and cell line engineering

Save time and resources by using our fully integrated antibody engineering service to reformat lead antibodies to your desired specifications (e.g. scFv or bi-specific). We can also deliver customized viral constructs and engineered cell lines to support CAR-T development and beyond.

Antibody discovery is all about starting with a large pool of possibilities and mitigating risk at every step.

Our use of the PentaMice platform provides maximum immunologic diversity early on, so you start with a complex pool of antibodies that have already undergone endogenous in vivo affinity maturation. Then the Beacon system delivers clonal paired antibody sequences from hits right from the start, focusing your program on the antibodies that matter.

Brian A. Zabel, Ph.D – Senior Director, Curia

Save time and money, accelerate workflows
with Curia and the Beacon system

First-to-Human discovery

The Beacon system advantage

Curia's full campaign workflow can take just 3-4 months; time to mAb sequences post-immunization in only 6-20 days
Larger screening pool; a single workflow screens ~10-40K mAbs (vs. ~3-10K mAbs for traditional hybridoma or the Beacon system with AbD 2.0 workflows)
Curia's single B cell discovery workflow directly identifies monoclonal antibodies from the outset

Expanded Antibody Discovery at Curia


Case Study
Case Study: Curia Bio Deploys Berkeley Lights Beacon System

Single B Cell Antibody Discovery AntiBody Center (ABC), San Carlos CA

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